Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some new corals & a cool movie

So its been a while mostly cause I have not had any new additions

lets get right to it

This is my new brain, I got it for the forground ot help fill in the empty spots

I was told it may produce some purples to go with the blue which would be cool but I am happy with the blue

This is my pulsing xenia one of my fav addtions it

this is a unknown coral to me cause I forgot the name lol I will edit when I find it. The picture does not do it justice the colors are wicked.

this is a purple and orange zoo colent frag. I cant wait to see this grow out. the colors are great

Status for frank on his pink zoos, they are doing well!!

and a new fish add a Green chromis well he was green in the store but in my tank he is blue lol go figure

The latest full tank shot

and two videos

The first is a crazy video of me trying to feed my anemone and my cleaner trying to steal its meal

and the second one is dinner time for the tank

Hope you enjoyed the update

Friday, July 24, 2009

First Loss

Its been a while since my last update by I have stopped adding stuff to the tank (for now lol) and have just allowed stuff to grow.

But I had to update on the loss of my blue star fish.

It is especially sad because this was one of the key things I wanted in the tank.
As I have read they have a higher death rate I will likely not add another one.

here is him during his happier times

Sunday, June 28, 2009

New adds and a new full tank shot

Got some new corals over the past week so he is a few pictures

First is what I believe to be green mushroom but they where labeled different in the store
Will check with aa for some confirmation

This is a ricordea florida. I can not get a picture to do it justice when this bad boy is under just the blue lights it looks crazy

Rose bubbletip anemone great deal at 50 bucks and came attached to about a pound of live rock
Sad the clowns have not even tired to explore him.

Torch Coral I put it in the centre of the tank it has four heads and looks great.
Cant wait to see it grow even more.

New full tank shot enjoy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rescue Mission and some growth

Have not been doing much upgrades lately as my sons football has kept me busy but I figured I would show some growth pictures and a couple of new adds

First I got a great deal on this blood shrimp

These polyps where sent to me from a friend as a rescuse attempt.
They are doing well now!!

Can see some growth on the star polyp from the last picture (I think lol)

My Frogspawn is growing nicely

and the leather is doing great as well.

Monday, June 8, 2009

spending Spree

So I went on a bit of a spending Spree today even though I just bough a coral yesterday

Here are the pictures of the new adds excluding the 6x black turbos I got.

I have wanted one for ever and I finally found one Blue star

Not sure what this is but it looked cool and I got a great deal.

Yellow Wrasse to eat my bristleworms

Red star (bad shot) again another star I always wanted

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Leather and some updated shots

Got a sweet new leather today I like it alot. Great deal at Big Al's only 24 bucks.

Moved my Gonapora to the left side of the tank because it had to much flow on the right side

seems to be doing better here.

My Mushroom frag is huge and looking great. I love them.

Not sure you can tell but the frogspawn looks like it has grown since the last picture, I also turned it around to have the dead head face the back of my tank

Dam the cleaner is getting big.

Full tank shot what it looks like now

and as a special treat lol

A little video of the tank

Monday, June 1, 2009

ehhhhh worms

So I was looking at my tank yesterday after feeding my fish and I noticed on my live rock a bristle worm. At first I was like cool this is the first one I seen since I set up my tank in December. But as I looked around I saw at least 6-7.

for those of you who don't know they look like little centipedes that crawl in and out of your live rock.

Know they are supposed to be good but I don't like them so I will be getting a 6-Line Warrse which eats them. This is to be sure their population remains in check.

On a side note I have added the Chemi Pure to my tank. I will give it a week or two of running and I will let you know if it makes a difference on my Algae growth.

Pictures next week of hopefully the new addition maybe a coral or two and the growth of my frogspawn.